French bulldog

Origin: France

The original valid standard Publication date: 1995. 04th 28th

GENERAL APPEARANCE: A typical, small form Molossian. Small in size but powerful in every respect a short and stocky dog ​​with short hair, short, snub nose, cheeks, ears and a naturally short tail.

Bright, intelligent, very muscular animal should create the impression of a compact alkattal a solid bone structure.

BEHAVIOUR: Sociable, lively, playful, sporty, keen. Particularly affectionate towards his masters and behavior of children.

Head: The head is strong, broad and square, should be of the scalp is almost symmetrical folds and wrinkles to form. The characteristics of the bulldog’s head retracted upper jaw and nasal part of the skull has taken up in width, the length of which was lost.

Skull: Broad, almost flat, highly arched brows. The protruding eyebrows in a straight kölönösen developed furrow between the eyes are separated. The groove should not go on the forehead. Occiput very slightly marked.

Stop is very pronounced.


Nose: Broad, very short, turned up into the nostrils open and symmetrical, slanting towards the body. The climate is too high nostrils nose foam (“felgyűrt” nose) should provide a normal nasal breathing.

Muzzle: Very short, broad, symmetrical folds that run down the top upper lips (length of one-sixth of the entire length to head).

Jaws: a wide, square and strong. The lower jaw extends forward in a wide arc in front of the upper jaw ends.

Teeth: The lower incisors can not be seen behind the lower incisors. The lower fogsorív rounded. The jaw is not skewed or distorted. The metszőfogsorív distance can not be accurately determined, it is essential that the upper and lower lips meet with you to completely covering the teeth. In other words, when the mouth is closed the teeth do not show.

Lips: The lips are thick, slightly limp and black. The upper lip rejoins the lower lip meets közipen and completely covers the teeth. Language is never visible.

Cheeks: Well developed muscles, but not protruding.

Eyes attention expressive, deeply placed eyes, and especially orrtükörtöl enough away from the ear, dark, large and round, slightly kidülledőek.

Ears: Of medium size, wide at the base and rounded at the end. Set high, but not too close to each other upright carry. The pre-open ear canal. The skin is thin and soft to the touch.

Neck: Short, strong, without dewlap.

Body: The back line continues to rise in the lumbar region, to slope rapidly towards the tail. The short loin is the cause of this highly desired shape.

Back: Broad and muscular.

Loins: short and broad.

Croup: Very sloping.

Chest: Deep and very cylindrical, barrel-shaped, highly rounded ribs.

Belly and flanks: tucked, not greyhound-like.

TAIL: Short, set Maly, at startup thick, knotted or kinked naturally and tapering at the tip. While moving the horizontal line must remain below. A relatively long (defined hock joint but not too strong), and tapered with a broken tail is permitted, but not desirable.

Forelegs: straight and perpendicular to both sides, as viewed from the front.

Shoulder and upper arm: short, thick, bulging, tight muscles. The upper arm should be short, all the way to the elbow to slacken.

Forearm: Short, well-placed, straight and muscular.

Front pasterns: Strong and short.

Front feet: Round, small, so-called. “Cat”, good contact with the soil slightly kifordtíva. The sleeves are very compact, nails short.

Hindquarters: Strong and muscular, slightly longer than the front legs, thus increasing the fart. Forelegs straight and perpendicular.

Upper thigh: Muscular, firm without being too rounded.

Hocks: Placed deep enough, slightly bent and not too steep.

Hock and Hock: Strong and short. From the moment of birth is no dewclaws.

Hind feet: very compact.

MOVEMENT: Free movement, the legs moving parallel relative to the center of the body.

Coat: beautiful, thick, shiny, soft, short hair.


Striped Tiger (‘Bring’): black and reddish or golden hairs intermingling. White patches on the chest and back of the head are allowed.

Haddock (‘Caillat’): on a white background with dark spots. It is highly desirable that the spots can not be colored tiger stripes are black.

White: the white color is enabled, this color stain passages listed.

Fawn (beige): uniformly fawn with black mask, a black nail.

Spotted Fawn: black on beige spots or tiger stripes on a white background, beige spots.

The beige: color of each authorized version of the “Red” to “café au lait” level.

Size and Weight: The weight must not be less than 8 kg and not more than 14 kg. The bulldognál in good condition size is proportional to the weight.

Note: the two males, apparently normally formed clover should be provided which are located in the groin.

Nursing tips: easy to use simple hair brushing. The depth of the wrinkles should be cleaned very carefully.